Comic Series

Voracious is a creator-owned comic series written by Markisan Naso, illustrated, lettered and designed by myself, and colored by Andrei Tabacaru.

Voracious tells the story of Nate Willner, a former NYC chef who loses everything, including his sister, when his restaurant burns down. Disillusioned, he returns to his old hometown in Utah, but soon discovers his reclusive great-uncle has left him something usual in his inheritance; a special suit that allows Nate to travel to the Cretaceous period. During his first disastrous trip there, Nate kills a dinosaur and soon discovers the meat is the best thing he's ever tasted. Nate returns to the present and opens a restaurant that serves this delicious, mysterious meat, and must evade the nosy local sheriff and some unexpected characters directly effected by his tampering with the time-stream.

Here are some random sample pages from Voracious and the follow-up series, Voracious: Feeding Time. Follow @VoraciousComic on twitter for more information and updates.